Saturday, February 12, 2011

Be Happy.

Hola !
Long time no see, I'm too lazy laa,sorry btw.Huhuhu,I'm too boring right now.Let's talk crap.Actually,today has some anugerah camerlang at SKRM ,my friend Jawidah go to Anugerah Cemerlang because she get 5A's in her UPSR,actually I want to go but my friend Ellisha doesn't go because she had a band and she must go to the band at her school,SSAAS.So,nvm laa.I'm too boring right now,he doesn't online.At school I was like a noob person that doesn't have friend when recess .Huhuhu,I want a friend that can talk to,can whatever laa.All I can say right now is I'm Boringgg.Okay laa,enough talk about crap,ciao.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Time flies so fast.

Hey,long time no see.2 weeks I didn't blogging.Hrmphh,too lazy laa.Huh,time flies so so fast.I wish I can turn back the time and study for UPSR back and go to boarding school.Yeah today 1stFebruary 2011.I think today was the boring day ever at school because my buddies didn't came to school and teacher do not go to class.I just slept in the class.So regret.My secret admirer also doesn't came to school,hehe.I hope I can turn back to the year 6 time.Okay laa,dont know what to say,ciao.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Secondary School.

Long time no see,I was too busy doing all the homework and too lazy too open the laptop.Btw ,hrmm secondary school was too lame.Form 2 in my school were too show off because they are being a senior huh,tolong laa -.-.I met some senior that handsome,btw this year and forward I dont want to couple couple, not good too us actually.Being a junior was so boring but sometimes best because teachers always compare us with senior and teachers always says that we are good,mmg laa bagus dh form 1 -..-,cube kalau kite form 5,hmrmm mcm taik perangai.I want to wish Happy birthday  to my friend,Ellisha Razlisham and Iman Husna,Happy Birthday guys!,Okay,dont know what to say,ciao.

Friday, December 31, 2010

Next year-Tomorrow (:

Happy New Year to everyone that I know.I hope you enjoy 2011 as you did the years before :)

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Malaysia you can do it !

Hello,so today malaysia vs Indonesia ,do you think whether Indonesia yg poyo tuu will won?,oh I think cannot :p,sorry to say,btw we will going to school on 3rd January,mehh,sometimes I hate school cause I didn't have friend.Hrmm,next year I don't know to sit beside who ?,but I'll work it out.Hope, I will fine one.Yeah,let's hope so.Wow,so don't you think it was like a boom and I'm in form 1,wow awesome.I know I'm old -___-,You are old okay,adi :P,I want to find a new life in a new school,new friend and all new :).And now,I'm infront of television watching  bola Malaysia vs Indon ,and now 4-1,go Malaysia ! You can do it,Okay,gtg now,chio :)

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Me, Adi Asyiqeen  and Aqilah Yamin doing a stupid joke that not funny at all -..- .

Saturday, December 25, 2010

I'm bored right now.

Hola !
Currently I'm bored right now,don't know what to do.Usually,he will online but tonight he online just a minute,I'm just friend with him okay.There is nothing between he and me.Duhh,I'm to bored right now ! I want to play game,but the game in the internet like a childish game,there were no game for teenager like me.Just now,at 6 like that,Ellisha called me,then we talked and gossiping etc,she says that she want to onnline this night but tak on pon   -.-  .I need to eat,okay bye bye.
p/s:The boy that I mentioned is my friend ,there's nothing between us.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Monday, December 20, 2010

Everything change

Good bye 2010 ;)
Hye everybody,yeah,me?ohh,so far so good .So,I miss school ,miss my friends of course.2weeks till 2011.Yeah,next year I will be at Sekolah Menengah Seksyen 11.Hurmm,Don't know what to say,just accept it .Time flies.Sometimes ,i miss 2010.I want to tell you something,I didn't mean to annoyed you or whatever,I know I've change and now you ain't talk to me.It's okay,I understand.All I can say is sorry.Sorry for everything.I gotta tell you,if I did something that hurt you ,sorry.Everyone change.I'll try to keep up with you.So whatever.I lost contact with you for awhile since you are not online.I nothing to you.I feel that way now.Like I don't even exist in your life.You were my bestest friend ever since 2010 kott,baru kite org rapat.Ignore it.Truth is,I miss you,friend.I used to be the one who you tell me first about anything.Nobody perfect.Sorry.I'm trying my hardest to please you.To avoid fight wih you,to avoid break our friendship.I love you I do :)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

WTF with you ,mann? !

I hate you so fucking DAMN ,get lost laa you !
Idiot !