Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Malaysia you can do it !

Hello,so today malaysia vs Indonesia ,do you think whether Indonesia yg poyo tuu will won?,oh I think cannot :p,sorry to say,btw we will going to school on 3rd January,mehh,sometimes I hate school cause I didn't have friend.Hrmm,next year I don't know to sit beside who ?,but I'll work it out.Hope, I will fine one.Yeah,let's hope so.Wow,so don't you think it was like a boom and I'm in form 1,wow awesome.I know I'm old -___-,You are old okay,adi :P,I want to find a new life in a new school,new friend and all new :).And now,I'm infront of television watching  bola Malaysia vs Indon ,and now 4-1,go Malaysia ! You can do it,Okay,gtg now,chio :)

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