Monday, December 20, 2010

Everything change

Good bye 2010 ;)
Hye everybody,yeah,me?ohh,so far so good .So,I miss school ,miss my friends of course.2weeks till 2011.Yeah,next year I will be at Sekolah Menengah Seksyen 11.Hurmm,Don't know what to say,just accept it .Time flies.Sometimes ,i miss 2010.I want to tell you something,I didn't mean to annoyed you or whatever,I know I've change and now you ain't talk to me.It's okay,I understand.All I can say is sorry.Sorry for everything.I gotta tell you,if I did something that hurt you ,sorry.Everyone change.I'll try to keep up with you.So whatever.I lost contact with you for awhile since you are not online.I nothing to you.I feel that way now.Like I don't even exist in your life.You were my bestest friend ever since 2010 kott,baru kite org rapat.Ignore it.Truth is,I miss you,friend.I used to be the one who you tell me first about anything.Nobody perfect.Sorry.I'm trying my hardest to please you.To avoid fight wih you,to avoid break our friendship.I love you I do :)

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