Friday, January 14, 2011

Secondary School.

Long time no see,I was too busy doing all the homework and too lazy too open the laptop.Btw ,hrmm secondary school was too lame.Form 2 in my school were too show off because they are being a senior huh,tolong laa -.-.I met some senior that handsome,btw this year and forward I dont want to couple couple, not good too us actually.Being a junior was so boring but sometimes best because teachers always compare us with senior and teachers always says that we are good,mmg laa bagus dh form 1 -..-,cube kalau kite form 5,hmrmm mcm taik perangai.I want to wish Happy birthday  to my friend,Ellisha Razlisham and Iman Husna,Happy Birthday guys!,Okay,dont know what to say,ciao.

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