Sunday, December 12, 2010

I saw him today ;)

Hi hi,yeah Im still breathing right now,Alhamdullilah.Okay,today I would like to talk about my activity fr today,okay,Let me start from morning,today,I woke up at 9 :15 something like that laa,then I took a bath and what so ever,Then ,I took my breakfast.Today's breakfast is Roti canai sek 3 :D,Then,after I took my breakfast,Then,bla bla bla,wathing Tv and blaa blaa blaa,Boring right?Yeah,of course laa boring,fr evening,I accompanied my father go to Klang to visit his sick friend ,just me that go,while my family member yg lain malas nk pergi -.-,Then,my father talktalk with his friend,while me?,just sitting and looked around -.-,Then we go back ,mase yg dittunggutunggu tlh pon tibe :),Then,I asked my father to bought me eating at Burger King,near the skatepark,Then ,my father agreed,okay,when we already finished eating,we got the car,and you know what?I saw Afin,I do not know laa,that is Afin or not,But I hope that is Afin :),Okay laa,that fr today,If there is more time,Iwould like to update more fr you are,Inshaallah ,okay laa,Good Night,Byebye :)

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