Saturday, December 11, 2010

I miss you,I think?

Hey Hey,Long time no see maa ,How are you?,still okay right .Eh eh,lagi berape hari hah nk start sklh,Seriosly,I miss school things.Btw,you know right,that,I had some quarrel with M.siddiq :p,He start first,he start blaming me and bla bla bla,get lost laa :p,But,he already forgive me ;D.Seriosly,I dont know why, I can't stop thinking about him,I mean Afin Ismail,Am I like you Afin?.Duhh,I miss you right now,I don't know why ?But I think I miss him alot :o,Okay laa,gtg now,Byebye :D

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