Monday, October 25, 2010

Ellisha Place:)

Hello Everyone:),Firstly, I wanna say that today was so awesome and today's planned succeed!
Okay,first I come to ellisha house and waiting for Jawidah and Iman to come,while waiting for
Jawidah and Iman to came,me and Ellisha had some fight with Ellisha brother,name Ilyas,Ellisha was 
slap him,and I was liked,'Ellisha tuu kan adeq awk,jgn laa slap die',that time I was laughing so loud.At 2:45,something like that laa,Iman and Jawidah has arrived.When they hade arrived,we planned to open our Facebook Account.After we open our Facebook Account,Iman was liked'Jawidah cepat laa,kite nk tgk movie'and Jawidah was liked okay laa,Idk, what the movie that too scary name,second movie we just tgk die nye trailer je,jawidah say that the movie was to scary,Third movie named is'4BIA',Wooshhhhh,the movie was too scary,we must closed our eye using ellisha's pillow-,-
We watched the movie not unfinished cause we not have a lot of time

Okayy,Ellisha mom ask us to eat:)After we eat,we have a war with ellisha brother again:)
He want to follow us going to 7Eleven,Ellisha say'Ilyas,you x yah laa ikot kiteorg,nnti kiteorg beli kn you slurpee kay?'Ilyas say 'okayy',dgn tenang nye kami pon cross laa road tuu:)
,we have to pass the drain,we succecful cross the drain.While we were walking we gossip about 'what to wear fr dinner,actually we has buy our clothes but ntah we just gossip:P,we have arrived at 7Eleven,we saw that slurpee machine had broken,and we planned to buy ice-cream,we buy ice-cream,ngee, like a small child.okayy when we want to go back we used a small road ,the road were too scary,we saw a small hut,firstly jawidah say'wahh,chanteq ah pondok tuu'.Then I say'jawidah,kau x rase ke ade something x kene' and we all run as fast as we can!Then we palnned wanna go to, okay,i must kept that,sorry:),but we didn't go.We 'lepak' at playground infront of Ellisha's,Ilyas was disturbing us again,we took many picture there,we play bicycle and other,Then,my mother picked us:)

p/s:i know my english  was sucks and i'm waiting for jawidah to upload picture :)

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